What is GameInfotech


What does it do?

Gameinfotech is a game developing company with its sole purpose to develop great mobile games; games that people will love to play.

Our aim has always been “Purely fun games for the gamers, by the gamers.” We have always tried to develop games keeping in mind the needs of all, be it a hard-core gamer or more of a casual and relaxed gamer. Each of our games is meticulously tested to ensure that it meets all of our quality benchmarks and works flawlessly for the platform that it is designed for, whether that is Android, iOS, Windows, Amazon or any other platform of your choice.

Our Games

Check out the mobile games we have created!

​Carrom King

Carrom which is also spelled as Karrom is a “strike-and-pocket” tabletop game, which originated in South-Asia and is an Indian version of pool or billiards.

Color Skill

A simple game to play by switching the color of the ball with the things provided around it. Challenge your friends and see who has the best eye to hand coordination.

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